MESEWI: X-band polarimetric Doppler scanning radar

The MetaSensing company, which is for a long time collaborating with the TUD MS3 group, offered us the MESEWI - an experimental prototype of their QX-60/120 X-band polarimetric Doppler weather radar, featuring FMCW architecture, full polarimetry, and solid-state technology. These benefits provide a capability for precipitation monitoring with a high spatial and Doppler resolution in the wide area around TU Delft's campus. At the same time, this experimental radar can have much wider applications and be a flexible research platform for the development and experimental validation of radar signal processing algoritms.

FMCW architecture achieves high sensitivity with a low transmit power, allowing for the use of light-weight, low-maintenance solid-state amplifiers. FMCW systems require two antennas, one for transmit and one for receive. These antennas diameter are as small as 1.3m. Recently, the antenna stearing system has been completely upgraded, providing an ability to scan the whole upper hemisphere using user-defined program, which also can be dynamically changed or modified.

Technical Specification

Technical details about the PARSAX radar system

Antenna System

Antenna System of the MESEWI radar

Current MESEWI Observations

Realtime Measurements using MESEWI radar


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