Karan Jayachandra

Karan Jayachandra is an MSc student at the Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) Group starting in August 2020. He is working with NXP Semiconductors as a thesis student. His thesis is investigating the possibility of joint communication and sensing as part of the i-CAVE project for Automotive Radar using Radar Resource Management. Before starting his Master's Degree, he worked for three years at SAP India Pvt. Ltd. after graduating from Amrita School of Engineering with a Bachelor's Degree in Technology in Electrical Engineering. During his Bachelor’s Degree, he interned at the Defense Research and Development Organization of India.

MSc thesis: Approximately Optimal Radar Resource Allocation
Advisor(s): Alexander Yarovoy, Max Schope

Program: MSc Signals and Systems

Karan Jayachandra, MSc