Master Internship projects

The MS3 group collaborates with many companies, industrial and research organizations in the Netherlands and in Europe. Based on these contacts we provide to our students the reach possibilities to enjoy the internship in these companies and organizations. We also have a wide list of topics for Extra projects that can be done in TU Delft using the research facilities of our group.

The list of available projects changes quite dynamically and for the current vacancies and topics your can contact our Professors

Current Internship & Extra projects

Extra Project (April 2022)

Deep learning classifiers for 3D airspace surveillance radars

Extra Project (January 2022)

Improved Doppler Estimation in Scanning Weather Radar

Old Internship and Extra projects

Master Internship at NXP (June 2020)

The novel NXP radar shield board - control and GUI development

Master Internship at the EEMCS TUD & Wageningen Univeristy (February 2020)

Mobile radar for tracking flying insects

Master Internship at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (November 2019)

Characterization, Modeling and Calibration of MetaScatter

Master Internship at SkyfloX BV

Earth Observations Engineer for a feasibility study

Master Internship at SkyfloX BV

Telecommunications Engineer for a feasibility study