NWO M2 grant awarded to Francesco Fioranelli

A NWO M2 grant has been awarded to Federico Corradi (TU/e) and Francesco Fioranelli (TUD). The project is entitled NERDNeuromorphic pErception fRamework for event-baseD radars and is all about neuromorphic radar-based perception. 

Emerging applications of mm-wave radar sensing, such as intelligent robotics and the internet-of-things, require more and more computing power in tiny low-energy chips processing increasingly more data. Using traditional performance scaling methods and smaller transistors, as always done by the microelectronic industry, we can still improve, but we need more. In the long term, we need to research disruptive solutions together with new models of computations. In this project, we propose to imitate from nature the extraordinary properties at the basis of active perception, echolocation, and sound-source-localization in animals, to realize innovative neuromorphic radar technologies edge applications.

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