MSc A.S. Narykov

PhD student
Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3), Department of Microelectronics

Themes: Radar technology


Alexey Narykov was born in Astrakhan, Soviet Union, in 1986. He received his diplomas in radio engineering and in management (both cum laude) from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia, in 2009. Since 2011 he is with IRCTR/MS3 working towards his PhD in sensor management.

Projects history

Sensor Technology Applied in Reconfigurable Systems

reconfigurable sensors and sensor networks applied in the context of the security domain

  1. Effectiveness-based radar resource management for target tracking
    Alexey S. Narykov; Oleg A. Krasnov; Alexander Yarovoy;
    In Processing of the International Radar Conference 2014, Lille, October 13-17, 2014,
    pp. 1-4, October 2014.

  2. Algorithm for resource management of multiple phased array radars for target tracking
    AS Narykov; OA Krasnov; A Yarovoy;
    M Efe; {Streit et al.}, R (Ed.);
    IEEE society, , pp. 1258--1264, 2013.

  3. Algorithm for Resource Management of Multiple Phased Array Radars for Target Tracking
    Narykov, A.S.; Krasnov, O.A.; Yarovoy, A.;
    In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Information Fusion, 9-12 July, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey,
    Istanbul, Turkey, July 9-12 2013.

  4. Sensor-selection algorithm for optimal management of the tracking capability in multisensor radar system
    AS Narykov; A Yarovoy;
    In 2013 European Radar Conference,
    pp. 499--502, 2013.

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Alexey Narykov

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