Real-time reconfigurable digital receiver for waveform agile radar (RDR-PARSAX)

Themes: Radar for Remote Sensing and Targets Characterization, Radar technology

The signals in the S-band digitally defined radar PARSAX are sampled at IF and after that processed by FPGAs and computer cluster. Different algorithms have to be used for different radar waveforms processing for different sensing goals. This requires the development of reprogrammable/reconfigurable flexible real-time algorithms implementations in the digital receiver.

The study goal is to develop digital receiver's architecture and its real-time FPGA/DSP-based implementation that provides the capability to select the optimal for current mission/radar scene waveform and its processing algorithms. The efficiency of the developed techniques and flexible radar receiver has to be verified in experiments.

Project data

Researchers: Sharef Neemat, Oleg Krasnov, Alexander Yarovoy
Starting date: December 2014
Closing date: December 2018
Sponsor: King Abdulaziz City for Science
Contact: Oleg Krasnov