The TU Delft ARS Radars

The Atmospheric Remote Sensing (ARS) radar systems accessible to our group include TARA (Transportable Atmospheric Radar) and IDRA (IRCTR Drizzle Radar), currently hosted at the CESAR observatory in Cabauw, to the East of Delft.

TARA is a transportable radar operating at S-band, with a carrier frequency of 3.3 GHz and bandwidth up to 50 MHz (thus range resolution up to 3m). TARA has been used for measurements and characterisation of clouds, precipitations, and clean-air turbulence. The unique high performances of the TARA radar for atmospheric objects continuous observations have been used in many projects, funded by the EU FP-6 (Cloudnet), the NWO/SRON and the BSIK/FES, in the field of new algorithms development for cloud microphysics retrievals using polarimetric Doppler radar data and combinations of these data with other remote sensing sensors.

IDRA is a fully polarimetric, high-sensitivity Doppler radar operating at X-band and installed at the top of the 213m meteorological mast in Cabauw. This location provides increased sensitivity due to the reduction of the influence of ground clutter, and allows direct high-resolution observations of the horizontal distributions of low level clouds and fog.

The TU Delft ARS radar network
The map of the TU Delft ARS radar network

Near-Realtime Observations of Atmosphere in Cabauw

Near-Realtime Measurements from the IDRA & TARA radars

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