People at MS3


prof.dr. Alexander Yarovoy

Professor, Chairman

microwave systems, radar François Le Chevalier

Parttime Professor

High resolution radar for detection and classification; adaptive radar processing; Radar system engineering Bert-Jan Kooij

Associate Professor

Electromagnetism Hans Driessen

Parttime Associate Professor

Radar signal/data processing; radar management

dr. Yanki Aslan

Assistant Professor

Sparse antenna array topologies & sub-arrays with their beamforming architectures; requirements for 5G base stations

dr. Francesco Fioranelli

Assistant Professor

Bistatic/multistatic radar systems; data analysis for human micro-Doppler signature characterization and classification; maritime target and sea clutter characterization; through-wall imaging applications; detection and classification of small drones and UAVs; wind farm clutter characterization and mitigation

dr. Oleg Krasnov

Assistant Professor

Radar; polarimetry; signal processing; remote sensing

dr. Jacco de Wit

Parttime Assistant Professor

radar micro-Doppler signature characterization and classification, radar target classification, radar, system concepts, through-wall radar Antoine Roederer

Guest Associate Professor


dr. Nikita Petrov


radar signal processing

MSc Wietse Bouwmeester

PhD student

Classification of targets and road surfaces using polarimetry in mm-wave automotive radar.

MSc Aitor Correas Serrano

PhD student

MSc Tworit Dash

PhD student

Antenna design; Weather radar

MSc Ronny Guendel

PhD student

Monitoring of continuous human activities in range and time beyond micro-Doppler by using RF-sensing technology.

Simon Hehenberger

PhD student

His main research interests are antenna and array miniaturization, as well as new design strategies and antenna concepts enabled by additive manufacturing.

MSc Nicolas Kruse

PhD student

Classification algorithms for human behaviour through micro-doppler signatures.

MSc Utku Kumbul

PhD student

Waveform design, radar signal processing, clutter mitigation and adaptive detection.

MSc Carlos Moreno-Leon

PhD student

MSc Nehir Berk Onat

PhD student

Digital beamforming; phased array pattern optimization; sparse antenna array topologies; performance analysis of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems

MSc Ignacio Roldan

PhD student

Digital signal processing focused on radar signals; Machine Learning applied to detection and classification.

MSc Max Schöpe

PhD student

MSc Sen Yuan

PhD student

Deep learning, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Image Processing.

Support staff

Esther de Klerk


ir. Pascal Aubry


ntenna measurements, RF testing, UWB, MIMO, STAP, GPR, automotive radar testing and signal processing, test automation programming, VEE, Matlab, C.

ir. Peter Swart


ir. Dinh Tran


Antennas and Propagation, Microwave engineering, MMICs, Electromagnetic radiation, scattering and diffraction

ing. Fred van der Zwan


Radar specialist, RF/IF radar design, Measurement expert, Drone pilot/specialist, Coordinating projects and campaigns

Yun Lu


Embedded systems, GPU programming, VHDL

MSc Students

MSc students



Past members of the group